Randy Heddon = Smooth Jazz. New Orleans Funk. Adult Contemporary.

Singer/Songwriter/Keyboardist Randy Heddon, now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, hails from Portland, Oregon, has lived in Los Angeles and Boston, and has performed around the world. In 2007, he was voted one of the top four best new jazz artists in New Mexico.


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Randy. Jimmy. Reuben And Mark are in Europe! Starting June 14th to Oct 11th 2014 we're going to be performing on the Royal Princess. As always doing our own take on Sinatra, and the great Jazz Standards, plus rock and roll from the 50,s, 60's  70's 80's R&B/Soul and more. Our itineraries include Germany, Russia, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and more. Come Join us!

April 2012

Randy's music has been busy the last couple months being used on various Television programs including the new Leeza Gibbons Daily show "America Now", and the TLC Weekly show "Property Ladder".

Fat Tuesday On Hiatus

As many of you know, Randy has been performing and traveling in Europe/South America and the Carribbean the last few months and Fat Tuesday is on been on hiatus.

However you can get your Fat Tuesday fix with their just released CD "Blue Moon On The Bayou". Which features the great Fat Tuesday songs you've come to know. Check out the video from the CD "Hoodooland" and samples from the CD....
then buy it!!!

There is a 'BUY IT NOW" button for CD baby, which I recommend for faster digital downloads, or if you want an actual CD (and who doesn't).

Thank you all for your support and see you very soon

Randy Heddon
Steve "Hurricane" Hill
Joe Liberty Arie Brasser


Los Lobos Dropped by the Tin Star!

Sheesh! I go out of town and all kind of fun things happen. It seems that Los Lobos dropped by the Tin Star Friday 11-14 and sat in with Randy Heddon And Fat Tuesday. A reader sent in these 2 pictures.


David Hidalgo

Cesar Rosas




Blue Moon On The Bayou

Randy Heddon And Fat Tuesday: Blue Moon On The Bayou

Blue Moon On The Bayou

Blue Moon On The Bayou

Award winning Composer/Singer Randy Heddon and his roguish band of great musicians, plum the dark swamps and celebrationial fe'te of the Bayou. In the style of Dr John and Neville Brothers, Fat Tuesday takes you on a jublient and atmospheric ride through New Orleans backstreets.

From the shadowy alleys of "Hoodooland" to the sulty "A Woman's Touch" "Blue Moon On The Bayou "covers a variety of styles that call back to classic New Orleans grooves. Featuring the distintive voice of Randy Heddon, along with great saxaphonists Rusty Crutcher and Jimmy Street, guitarist Steve "Hurricane" Hill, Drummer Arie Brasser, and Bassist "Gentleman"Joe Liberty, Fat Tuesday brings New Orleans nights and days into full groove.

Besides origial songs by Fat Tuesday, "Blue Moon On The Bayou" features Cajun covers of the Beatles song "Oh Darling" and the classic Tom Waits tune, "Temptation".

  1. 1 $0.99 Oh Darling 03:23
  2. 2 $0.99 Baby's Got Style 03:39
  3. 3 $0.99 Son Of A Gypsy Queen 04:33
  4. 4 $0.99 I Spent The Rent 04:13
  5. 5 $0.99 Temptation 05:01
  6. 6 $0.99 Pocket Rocket 03:32
  7. 7 $0.99 A Womans Touch 04:06
  8. 8 $0.99 Other Side Of Blue 03:43
  9. 9 $0.99 HoodooLand 03:44
  10. 10 $0.99 Blue Moon On The Bayou 04:47

Classic Kutz For Contemporary Katz

Classic Kutz for
Contemporary Katz

A nouveau 1950's style CD that harks back to the Atomic Age with fresh takes on standards such as "Beyond The Sea" and "One For My Baby." Combined with Randy's classic voice and steller piano playing are great players such as Harry Scorzo (Celine Dion), Jimmy Street (Frank Sinatra), Jay "Rusty" Crutcher, and many others.

"Last year I wanted a new grand piano to replace one that I left in Los Angeles. I had always said someday I would do an album of standards, and this is that album, and I thank my "new" 97 year old Baldwin piano for inspiring me to finally create the album." – RANDY

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Classic Kutz for Contemporary Katz

By Robert M. Sutton Robert M. Sutton

CD/DVD Reviewer

Pianist/vocalist Randy Heddon is a smooth operator. Classic Kutz for Contemporary Katz doesn't try to reach for the moon; instead, Heddon's ambitions are modest, and he achieves his simple goals with professionalism and stainless craftsmanship. Classic Kutz is a jazz record, but one that can also be tagged as Adult Contemporary. Mellow and calming, Classic Kutz has all the qualities you'd expect from a smooth jazz release; however, Heddon avoids the cookie-cutter uniformity that too often derails the genre. The Bob Russell/Duke Ellington classic, "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me," opens the record with a cool breeze of lounge jazz; gentle sax and playful piano establishes Heddon's appetite for comfort and joy. George and Ira Gershwin's "Our Love Is Here to Stay" is adapted with a warm smile as Heddon's friendly talking/singing performance is cuddled by Ron Kalina's harmonica.  Heddon can also croon exceptionally well, as he does on "The Wee Small Hours of the Morning."

The sprightly piano and summertime bounce of "The Santa Fe Special," a Heddon original, is a delightful surprise, perfectly aligned in style and class with the vintage covers contained on the CD. The witty "My Attorney Bernie" and Cole Porter's "At Long Last Love" find Heddon dancing with infectious Latin rhythms.

Whether the track is slow or fast, it doesn't matter, because the overall effect is always the same: like a hot cup of coffee, it goes down nicely, waking up the senses while relaxing all of the nerves.

All About Jazz
May 2009

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Randy Heddon: Classic Kutz For Contemporary Katz

Randy Heddon Quartet

Classic Kutz for Contemporary Kats

  1. 1 $0.99 Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 03:47
  2. 2 $0.99 Our Love Is Here To Stay 04:45
  3. 3 $0.99 The Good Life 04:26
  4. 4 $0.99 The Santa Fe Special 02:47
  5. 5 $0.99 My Attorney Bernie 04:17
  6. 6 $0.99 Stella By Starlight 04:21
  7. 7 $0.99 Beyond The Sea 01:47
  8. 8 $0.99 One For My Baby 04:13
  9. 9 $0.99 At Long Last Love 05:16
  10. 10 $0.99 The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 03:02

Road To Santiago

The Road to Santiago

A journey of love and redemption along the roads of Spain, France and the deep sanctuary’s of the soul.

L.A. songwriter/composer Randy Heddon has created a hauntingly striking work of beauty that speaks of love, betrayal, and eventually redemption. From the dream within a dream of "Always Do You Best" to the prayerful “Come Away,” you are taken to many parts of the world—from Los Angeles' where self-proclaimed 'enlightened' gurus will say anything for a check—to the quiet streets of Spain where there is hope that walking “The Road To Santiago” will bring peace and understanding.

The Road To Santiago features some of L.A.’s finest musicians including saxman Eric Marienthal
(Chick Corea), violinist Harry Scorzo (Celine Dion), and Irvin 'Magic' Kramer (Ray Charles, Nora Jones).

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The Road To Santiago

Randy Heddon: The Road To Santiago

Randy Heddon’s latest recording is The Road to Santiago. The tunes speak of making journeys and the hope that each path brings to light along the way.

This writer’s overall impression of The Road To Santiago is that of a motion picture score. It’s very interesting to play the “what if” game. If this CD was a motion picture score, you wonder what the story would be? True, it has a pervasive sense of dreaminess, with romantic flashes of obscurity.

The tune The Avatar From The Great Beyond is, however, not dreamy or obscure. It’s a spoof on “self-proclaimed gurus” who will say what you want to hear and they do take checks. (Likely they take credit cards as well.) It’s not hard to write a realistic but gently teasing song about hypocrisy and shallowness in the mainstream of our society, but Heddon does one better: The instruments, rhythms and melodic figures are authentically of eastern origin. He’s not pretending to be from India, but he has more authenticity in his sound than many so-called “enlightened ones.” This tune has a catchy refrain for anyone to sing along on the first listen.

Heddon’s voice is mostly soft and understated in his delivery. He cultivates the dissolving sense of the intellectual in favor of the existential. Beautiful crying violin, soprano sax and splashing waves of piano phrases captivate the listener.

Just as you begin to wonder how far it will take you willingly, the music arrives on the streets near a New Orleans-style blues bar. This sixth cut is a dance tune, with a laughing sing-along refrain. It’s a party because someone finally got convicted of Cheating In The First Degree!

Heddon’s vocalizations, for most of the songs, are soft and even, making a James Taylor tune sound raucous and lilting. This writer notes that, where Heddon really leans on a note, his voice is strong and commanding. There is something in his way of pronouncing the name “Santiago” that hints he knows more than he is saying…or does he? Is Heddon in a romantic fog of his own wishful thinking, or is he preparing to depart for Santiago, on foot, forever?

Musicians listed on this CD include Eric Marienthal on sax (Chick Corea), violinist Harry Scorzo (Celine Dion) and guitarist Irvin Magic Kramer (Ray Charles, Nora Jones). It certainly is a very good addition to anyone’s collection. This writer suspects that its appeal may be enhanced by listening in really hot weather, but the siren call of the cool mists in the sanctuary of the soul are irresistible any time of year.

Classed as “smooth jazz” or “soft rock,” the CD is available at cdbaby online. Heddon could carry all the tunes soloing live with his own piano accompaniment, but the supporting artists on this recording really make the magic happen

L.A. Dialogues

L.A. Dialogues
with Jimmy Street

Saxophonist-extraodinaire Jimmy Street, who has performed with hundreds of artists including Frank Sinatra and Patti LaBelle, joins with award-winning composer/keyboardist Randy Heddon to create the C.D. "L.A. Dialogues."

L.A. Dialogues is a musical tour of the city that's warmed by the sun, but is truly heated by passion..
The denizens and moods of Los Angeles you'll find in L.A. Dialogues include...

The "Rodeo Rodeo" where chic females meet the street. Ghosts of hard-boiled postwar private eyes haunt the dark hillsides of "Muholland Drive." Street musicians and venders gaze over the beauty of the pacific horizon on a Venice beach afternoon in "Strollin The Strand." A carefree drive winds from Hollywood to Malibu on a memorable "Sunset Trip." Soup kitchens and rescue missions line the far side of broken dreams on "5th and Main." A Hollywood street of stars immortalized in bronze puts famous names beneath the feet of the starry-eyed in "Sidewalk Of Dreams."

Whether it's a Studebaker or a Stingray, a Mustang or a Mazaratti, pick your wheels and buckle up. The tour is about to begin...

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Randy Heddon/Jimmy Street: L.A. Dialogues
"Top-flight production and playing". — Mike Melvoin (Beach Boys, Tom Waits, Natalie Cole)

"L. A. Dialogues" - a wonderful concept. The album is full of nice comfortable grooves. Randy and Jimmy's talents really shine! — Hank Cicalo (George Harrison, Tom Scott, Kenny Rankin)

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